Genre: Lesbian+Gay, Festival, Solo Performance
Tracey Erin Smith

Three real clergy enter, wearing their respective vestments, sharing the stage, posing their internal questions… The Priest asks, "What would Jesus do?"  The Rabbi asks, "What would Moses do?" and the Minister asks, "What would Sartre do?"

Setting the tone for what’s about to come, it’s a reminder that these three members of the clergy are not only defined by their roles, they’re people!  Father Daniel, Reverend Shawn and Rabbi Elyse – two gay men and a woman – share moving, entertaining and sometimes shocking stories of how they were called to ministry and the challenges they faced within their congregations, as well as life-changing moments of service in the midst of deep sorrow and pain.

Told with candour, humour and compassion, they are frank about their personal joys and struggles in faith, some unusual circumstances where they just had to wing it – and even bend the rules – and the navigation of societal prejudice and inflexibility. (Daniel came out to his congregation a week after he got married, and Elyse became a rabbi when there were no female rabbis in Canada). Living lives of service and community, they don’t take themselves too seriously and are aware that tradition has room for change.

While each comes to the storytelling process from different religious beliefs and traditions, they have much in common: faith, hope and a drive to serve their community. But their individual human stories and their paths to becoming clergy are surprisingly different.

Open:   07/17/17
Close:   07/17/17

Theater:   Kraine Theater
Address:   85 East 4th Street
New York, NY 10003
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