Genre: Festival, Reading
Big Stuff, Deeper Alexandria, How To Talk To A Girl Wearing Headphones, I Want to Eat Brains, Promised Kingdom

Big Stuff 
Written by Jenna Spiwack 
Directed by Lauren Goldberger 

Big Stuff is a story of a couple having a check in conversation about the future of their relationship. Taylor and Ray are a young couple with different long term goals. Together they question if they should move forward knowing the future could be filled with nothing but heartbreak. Are they willing to compromise what they know they want for each other? 

Deeper Alexandria 
Written by Emerson Fd 
Directed by Dunya J. Karam 

In the human experience, thinking and doing are two very different things. To a robotic mind, however, absolutely everything is an action. Deeper Alexandria depicts a conversation between George and Martha, two intelligences who may or may not be artificial. Their words seem blunt, ridiculous, and out of place at times. However, as their dialogue progresses, it becomes increasingly clear that the two of them aren’t just reveling in their own sentience and ability to make sentences, but desperately trying to grab hold of something, anything close to humanity.

How to Talk to a Girl Wearing Headphones 
Written by Adrienne Dawes 
Directed by Dana Iannuzzi 

Guy meets girl. You’ve heard that story before…But what about when guy meets girl wearing headphones? How To Talk to a Girl Wearing Headphones is a millennial twist on the classic meet cute -- full of rich characters, hilarious dialogue, and a story that’s become all too true in the age of social media.

I Want to Eat Brains (or the Day I Killed All My Friends) 
Lyrics & Book by Lily Dwoskin, Music by Danny Ursetti 
Directed by Dunya J. Karam Musical direction by Lena Gabrielle

I Want to Eat Brains (or the day I killed all my friends) is a ten-minute zombie parody musical. The world is in the midst of a zombie apocalypse, and our rag tag heroes are the only survivors. But what happens when one of them becomes infected? And would being a zombie really be so bad? I mean, honestly, when the undead rise, what's left to do but sing along? 

Promised Kingdom 
Written by T.J. Petty 
Directed by Sivan Battat 

When an outcast walrus asks directions from a starving polar bear on a lonely slab of ice, they enter a friendlier dynamic than might be expected. But that lasts too briefly before the bear threatens the walrus with his life if he doesn’t lead him back to the walrus herd for some lunch. As the pair get acquainted, tension both eases and bubbles. Turns out that neither fully meets the stereotype the other expected for their species, and as they swim along, they try to make some sense out of the end of the world, or at least the end of the Arctic as they know it.

The Fresh Grind Festival was created to feature new, original works in development and up-and-coming writers and directors. It is an opportunity to collaborate, to explore, and to develop original plays and musicals, culminating in public staged readings at Theaterlab, a white-box theatre in midtown. 

About the Company: Black Coffee Productions

Black Coffee Productions was founded in July 2016 by George Simon, a young producer seeking to create exciting and thought-provoking theatre, film, and music. Curbside Waltz marks the company's first short film, completed in November 2016 and now entering film festivals. BCP is producing the Fresh Grind Festival, a staged reading event featuring ten new plays and musicals, in January of 2017. The company is based in New York. Quality entertainment, highly caffeinated.


Open:   01/20/17
Close:   01/20/17

Friday, January 20th at 8:00 pm :
Address:   357 W36th street
New York, NY 10018
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Located near all 34 Street Subway Lines

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