Genre: Drama, Other

The Meeting is an engaging and intelligent play depicting a fictional secret meeting between Malcolm X and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. following the bombing of Malcolm X's home and shortly before he was assassinated, Malcolm X and Martin meet in a room inside the historical Hotel Teresa. This riveting play deals with issues that are still relevant today such as war abroad, inner city despair and Black self-empowerment, the impact of these two men with different ideologies, and how they shared a common understanding of the plight of the African American.

This performance is a fundraiser for MAN UP! INC whose mission is to serve urban neighborhoods as a multi-cultural, social service agency for neighborhood improvement and for the complete understanding of emergency preparedness!.

About the Company: Kumble Theater


Kumble Theater for the Performing Arts at Long Island University's Brooklyn Campus is a dynamic, state-of-the art performance venue serving one of the most diverse campuses and communities in the country. It is designed to nourish artistic exploration and development by students and other emerging artists while providing the entire community greater access to an exciting range of Broadway-quality, classical and cutting-edge professional performances.

Impeccably crafted for the dramatic and technical demands of dance, music and theatrical productions, this elegant, 320-seat theater provides finely tuned acoustics and top-tier lighting, projection and other electronic capabilities. With a stage featuring a sprung floor extending to the seating area, the theater fosters an intimacy between performers and their audiences.

This extraordinary theater was made possible through the generosity of Long Island University Trustee Steven J. Kumble. It is part of an ambitious Campus renovation that created an extensive performing arts complex also featuring a black box theater, dance studios and a glass-enclosed art gallery. Among other major supporters of the performing arts complex are the EAB/Citigroup Foundation, through Long Island University Board of Trustees Chair Edward Travaglianti, trustees Bruce C. Ratner and Donald H. Elliott, the City of New York and the Independence Community Foundation.

Kumble Theater for the Performing Arts reflects Long Island University's dedication to awaken, enlighten and expand the minds of its students. Expressed in its motto Urbi et Orbi, the mission of Long Island University since 1926 has been to open the doors of the city and the world to women and men of all ethnic, racial and socioeconomic backgrounds who wish to achieve the satisfaction of the educated life and to serve the public good.



Open:   08/15/15
Close:   08/15/15

Theater:   Kumble Theater for the Performing Arts
Address:   1 University Plaza
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Cost:$100, $75, $50
Buy Tickets Online or Call: Liu Brooklyn Kumble Theater for the Perf at 718-488-1624
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