Genre: Drama, Festival
Written by Jillie Mae Eddy, Directed by Sam Plattus

The Boys Are Angry follows three young millennials: AJ, a Reddit philosopher, semi- professional blogger, and militant Men’s-Rights-Activist-cum-Red-Piller; Quinn, a software programmer, self-described romantic, and AJ’s childhood friend; and The Girl, a friendly baker, the object of Quinn’s affections, and the blank canvas onto which both men project their fantasies. From a small, dark wing of a large, run-down compound and through a series of conversations both real and imagined, the play investigates on- and offline communication; present-day American masculinity; and the violent hatred of women at the dark heart of the Manosphere.

Maineland Productions presents the New York premiere of Jillie Mae Eddy’s The Boys Are Angry as part of the 19th Annual New York International Fringe Festival–FringeNYC– August 14th–30th.

The creative team includes Jillie Mae Eddy (words & one original song), Sam Plattus (director) and Maridee Slater (producer for Maineland Productions). The cast includes Jillie Mae Eddy, Nate Houran and Xander Johnson.

About the Company: Maineland Productions

The Maineland is a collective of artists from away making plays, movies, and music in Bar Harbor, ME. We believe in risk but also in accessibility. We believe in self-reliance but also in community involvement. We believe in the enduring relevance of the classics but also in the cultivation of new work by women, artists of color, and all Others underrepresented in the canon.

Our second home is in Brooklyn, New York.

Open:   08/28/15
Close:   08/28/15

Friday, August 14th at 5:00pm
Tuesday, August 18th at 7:00pm
Friday, August 21st at 2:30pm
Sunday, August 23rd at 3:00pm
Friday, August 28th at 9:15pm :
Theater:   Steve and Marie Sgouros Theatre
Address:   115 MacDougal ST.
NY, NY 10012
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Buy Tickets Online or Call: FringeNYC at 212-279-4488
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