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Most theater professionals are not salaried employees. They are self-employed. Theater Resources Unlimited (TRU) has pinpointed some specific business skills needed by the artistically self-employed, and addresses them with a new series of workshops: The TRU PATHWAYS Summer Workshop Series for Producers and Artists, on Tuesday June 30th, Wednesday July 15th, Tuesday July 28th, and Tuesday August 8th at 7:15pm at The Playroom Theater, 151 West 46th Street, 8th Floor, New York, NY 10036.


Summer's a time for fun and relaxation, but don't let your career goals fall by the wayside. This series of 5 workshops will help get your artistic career in shape and set you on the path to success! Purposely scheduled for weekday nights to leave your weekends free for sun and fun. (Learning some basic secrets of success can also be fun!)

Tuesday 6/30
Branding and Marketing the Legacy of You with Michael Ian Cedar, Ask Yourself Productions
This is probably the workshop your parents wished you took before committing to a life in the arts. Imagine the power of being able to hone in on exactly what unique value YOU add to the industry, what sets YOU apart from the thousands of others, and the ways YOU can get word out to decision makers about the uniqueness of what YOU are “selling”. More at 

Wednesday 7/15
Project Management: A Practical Approach for the Arts with Dickson Lane, Express Lane LLC
“All things are created twice; first mentally; then physically. The key to creativity is to begin with the end in mind, with a vision and a blue print of the desired result." — Stephen Covey
This workshop provides a blue print for successfully managing arts projects. More at

Tuesday 7/28
Balancing Your Finances: Personal and Business with financial advisor Bailie Slevin, Founder & President at Entertaining Finance.

In this seminar we will take the fear out of finances. As a freelancer/artist/business owner or producer you have a very different relationship to money then a salaried employee. More at

Tuesday 8/11
Networking Your Way to the "Right" People for Your Career with producer, manager and creative coach Joanne Zippel.
As a creative artist, it can often be hard to find and connect with the “right” people to move your career forward. Part of it may have to do with self-limiting beliefs like viewing “networking” as a difficult business of “selling yourself” and in some way not staying true to your authentic artistic vision, and part of it may be just a lack of know-how and a reluctance to step out of your comfort zone. More at

Past Workshops in the Series:

Tuesday 6/16
Business Fundamentals: Be the CEO of Your Career with certified Business Coach Debra Russell of Artists' Edge.
How many times have you thought to yourself: “I'm creative, I'm just no good at business!” Being creative and being good in business aren’t mutually exclusive – you just have to learn business skills!
More at

Pricing - buy individual workshops or save up to 50% when you buy the series as a TRU member!
Each workshop: $50 / $40 for TRU members and students
Set of any 3 workshops (10% off): $135 / $108 for TRU members and students
Set of all 5 workshops (20% off): $200 / $125 for TRU members and students (that’s 50% off full price)
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Theater Resources Unlimited (TRU) is a twenty-three year old 501c3 nonprofit organization created to help producers produce, emerging theater companies to emerge healthily and all theater professionals to understand and navigate the business of theater. Membership includes self-producing artists as well as career producers and theater companies.


TRU publishes an email community newsletter of services, goods and productions; presents the TRU VOICES Annual New Play Reading Series and Annual New Musicals Reading Series, two new works series in which TRU underwrites developmental readings to nurture new shows as well as new producers for theater; TRU offers a Producer Development & Mentorship Program whose mentors are among the most prominent producers and general managers in New York Theater, and also presents Producer Boot Camp workshops to help aspirants develop the business skills they need. TRU serves writers through a Writer-Producer Speed Date, a Practical Playwriting Workshop and a Director-Writer Communications Lab; programs for actors include the Annual Combined Audition and quarterly Resource Nights and “Speed Dating” as well as free monthly actor workshops.


Programs of Theater Resources Unlimited are supported in part by public funds awarded through the New York State Council on the Arts (NYSCA), the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council, 9th district Council Member Inez Dickens, and The Montage Foundation.


For more information about TRU membership and programs, visit or call (212) 714-7628.


Open:   06/30/15
Close:   08/11/15

Theater:   The Playroom Theater
Address:   151 W. 46th St.
New York, NY 10036
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Cost:$50 / $40 for TRU members and students
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