Genre: Festival
A theatrical art installation of performance-cinema, Concieved, Designed and Directed by Roi Escudero

The story contemplates a woman in exile who confides her romantic secret fantasies to the audience. Beneath passion and desire, a bare cruel truth surprises her. Sexuality, politics and darker comedy mesh cabaret, performance-art and film to tell a tale of a shattered American dream. The Colonel’s Wife, was written by acclaimed award winning playwright Mario Fratti, and adapted into a theatrical art installation of performance-cinéma by conceptual performance artist, Roi Escudero, The artist also designed and directed Mario Fratti's  play.

Roi Escudero crafted The Colonel's Wife on camera and on stage through an artful planning method containing performance-art, stage design, sound, light, multimedia and cinéma vérité techniques. Roi's mise-en-scène connects the action on stage and the performance on the screen. This narrative of moving images, overlapping and running parallel to the live performance, supports Mario Fratti's plot. The stage’s imaginary fourth wall is removed to engage the audience as a witness of a immersive spectacle, bringing them into the dramatic space of an  installation of performance-art cinema™. With the collaboration of guest artists David Stallings and Antonio Miniño, and  the participation of the artists in residence at ETdC Projects' Lab: Mika Oyaizu, James Barry Stokes, Valentin Ewan,  and Richard Stevens, Special film appearances: Tatyana Kot, Fletcher Liegerot, Miles F. Liegerot, and James Ewan. With Casey Bartolucci, Courtney Constantino and .Jack Placidi. 

A ETdC Projects's Lab  production benefiting the LIT Fund

Presented at The Planet Connections Theatre  Festivity June 15th to July 12th




About the Company: ETdC Projects' Lab

  Roi “Bubi” Escudero created and founded Environmental Theatre de Camera (ETdC) Projects in 1990 in Los Angeles, CA.  She is the originator of performance-cinema™, a virtual installation of multimedia video and live performance that is ETdC Projects’ trademark.  In 1999 ETdC Projects moved to New York City and has expanded to an experimental creative lab of self expression. and new media-arts: ETdC Projects’ Lab.

The lab is led by Roi Escudero and supports a collaborative, production-based learning environment focused on creating inventive, cutting edge, experimental and multicultural narrative projects through non-structured musical-visual-theatre, and site specific virtual installations of multimedia video and performance art.

Its objective is to promote cultural and creative integration through the evolution of new media, performance-art, musical and physical theatre, and dynamic entertainment. Its projects address cultural, environmental, historical and social issues and expose the consequences of our behavior and actions in society.  The lab’s projects are considered works-in-progress and are continually evolving with different guest artists and apprenticeship until the projects are presented as a comprehensive production.  The projects developed at ETdC Projects’ lab are designed to be "portable" and take place in different festivals, creative environments, theaters, educational and cultural settings, and non-traditional sites.

 ETdC Projects reaches a multigenerational audience and creates intelligent and engaging multimedia video installations, staged readings, workshops, showcases and full media-art theatre productions for children, teens and adults. ETdC Projects also produces creative educational events and workshops for students and teachers in collaboration with other artistic organizations and educational institutions that have partnering residencies with teaching artists. The projects could be bilingual and could be developed, instructed and presented in English /Spanish, English /French, and English /Italian.

 Roi Escudero is the artistic director and lead designer behind ETdC Projects.  She is particularly flexible and resourceful in adapting her creative concept, method and techniques to the needs of the partnering organizations and institutions. However, Escudero’s primary focus is always to develop the talent and interest of the partaker and to support the community’s involvement in that effort.

Open:   06/20/15
Close:   06/20/15

Saturday, June 20th at 3:00pm - Wednesday June 24th at 6:00pm - Thursday June 25th at 9:30pm Saturday, June 27th at 7:00pm - Sunday, June 28th at 5:45pm - Tuesday, June 30th at 6:00pm


Theater:   Paradise Factory
Address:   64 East 4th Street
New York, NY
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Take the F or V trains to 2nd Avenue or the 6 train to Astor Place

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