Genre: Musical
Book, Lyrics & Direction by Katherine Brann Fredricks; Book & Music by Paul Edward Nelson

A new musical fueled by shimmying electrons, with script and lyrics by Katherine Brann Fredricks and script and music by Paul Edward Nelson.  Katherine Brann Fredricks directs a cast of eleven including Antonio Addeo*, Tommy Alsip*, Hadley Cronk*, Ashanti J’Aria*, David Marmanillo*, Meg McWhorter*, Rebecca Odorisio*, Aaron Riesebeck*, Ravi Roth*, Philip Jackson Smith*, and Wesley Tunison*.

Lying, stealing, forging, kidnapping, government-manipulating oil baron Dean captures and warehouses renewable energy discoveries.  Alpha-geek Raymond fights back with a black hole trash compactor.  Will Dean feed Raymond’s fiancé to the black hole, in his campaign to promote capitalism by crushing competition? Will true love prevail in the face of ultimate greed, a chicken-bone fuel generator, and booth babes doing a strip tease where the black hole sucks their clothes off?  Find out in the zany, musical satire Black Hole Wedding.

From the Playwright:  Today oil companies have more money than most countries.  Corporate cheer-leaders in Congress say they’ll believe global warming exists when they see the evidence, then they cut NASA’s research budget to make sure no new evidence is found.  Here’s a little satire to remind us: we can all choose creativity over fossil fuels.

Black Hole Wedding has chosen to donate some of the proceeds from the production to NRDC.  I hope you'll take a moment to take action at to protect imperiled wildlands and consider supporting them as well.

Open:   06/26/15
Close:   07/10/15

Friday June 26th at 7pm
Saturday June 27th at 8:45pm
Sunday July 5th at 12pm
Friday, July 10th at 4pm:
Theater:   Paradise Factory
Address:   64 East 4th Street
New York, NY
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Take the F or V trains to 2nd Avenue or the 6 train to Astor Place

Buy Tickets Online or Call: Ovation Tickets at 866-811-4111