Genre: Drama
william shakespeare/ directed by brandon walker & erin cronican

To kick off a season that explores gender warfare, victim shaming, racial bias and police corruption, The Seeing Place Theater brings you Shakespeare's timeless drama, OTHELLO. Staged in modern dress with a deep focus on the language, this story is brought to life through the lens of one central dilemma:  

How can your ego survive when “the other” stands in your way?

After Othello, a black Arab, is made General and appointed leader of a wartime military operation, he chooses a scholar as his lieutenant and marries a powerful senator's daughter without his consent. Sick of being passed over, Othello's closest friend and best soldier uses his influence to make a deadly point.  

“We live in a world that pretends it is accepting of others, while silently or overtly belittling people we do not understand, “ says TSP Artistic Director, Brandon Walker. “It is not just a black play - our ensemble is exploring this story as it relates to all of us today, particularly in our current climate of strained Arab/American relations. OTHELLO’s themes highlight a strong need for empathy with respect to all races, genders, economic classes and religious beliefs.”

This production of OTHELLO is visceral, immediate, and spoken in a way that anyone can understand. 

cast: Esther Chen, Erin Cronican*, John D'Arcangelo, Lex Daemon, Ian Moses Eaton*, Brisa Freitas, Logan Keeler, Daniel Michael Perez, Lila Smith*, Carla Torgrimson and Brandon Walker*.  Understudies: Mary Ruth Baggott, Alex Witherow

(*=member AEA)

About the Company: The Seeing Place Theater

The Seeing Place (from the Greek "Theatron") is a base for disciplined artists to develop theater we all want to believe in. We are working to create a pure ensemble, committed to forceful storytelling that discovers and expresses real behavior in this day and age.

Open:   03/15/15
Close:   03/15/15

Tuesday-Saturday @7pm, Sunday @ 2pm::
Theater:   Clarion Theatre
Address:   309 East 26th Street
New York, NY 10010
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