Genre: Drama, Solo Performance
Written/Performed by Mark Bentley Cohen *** Directed by Sean Cummings, Ross Bartelman

BHF+M is a risqué, autobiographical one-person show about a couple's decision to end their ailing 15-year marriage and form a new partnership to accommodate their desire for sexual growth and freedom beyond the bounds of monogamy.

Marco's bisexuality is a catalyst for the much-needed change, and begins the process of self-discovery for both of them as they allow each other to explore evolving emotional and sexual needs.

Conventional wisdom dictates that non-monogamy is the ultimate marital risk. It’s certainly not a recipe for success. Or is it?

The counter-intuitive discoveries they make along the way lead the couple – and the audience – to question root assumptions about the nature of marriage, sexuality, and what it means to truly love another.

YES! Crystal and I loved the show! Program notes are right: raw, edgy, boundary pushing, belief stretching ... add honest and provocative and a conversation stimulant.

Sat beside two fellas who had seen 10 shows at the Fringe this year. At the end I asked one how he ranked your show and he said ... it was the best!

Gail – former Board member Edmonton Fringe Festival


"Irreverent and refreshingly candid." - Michael Harris, the Globe and Mail.

"This was a most remarkable production, and I whole-heartedly recommend it to anyone with an interest in exploring the complexities, contradictions, and subtleties of contemporary marriages and relationships." - Dave Doleshal, Ph.D., UC Berkeley

"This may be the only piece of true theatre I've seen in 15 years in Vancouver. Remarkable, thought-provoking, psyche stretching.... Go see it!" -Jeffery

"I went with 3 friends. It started. And all of a sudden it was done. And it was much later. We all had the same experience. The moment Mark started talking we were hooked and we were mile-deep in the story. And still, it was so gripping. We were there. We lived what he lived. We felt what he felt. It was easily the best live performance I have ever been to." - Eric

About the Company: Lianna Walden Productions

Lianna Walden Productions specializes in edgy, provocative, boundary-pushing material which is meant to liberate, inspire, and transform all who encounter it.

Cast: Mark Bentley Cohen, Mark Bentley Cohen
Open:   02/20/15
Close:   02/20/15

Opening night: Friday, 20 February, 8:50pm
Other nights:
Monday, February 23, 5:30pm
Sunday, March 1, 5:10pm
Monday, March 2, 8:50pm
Thursday, March 5, 7:10pm
Saturday, March 7, 3:20pm
Theater:   Kraine Theater
Address:   85 East 4th Street
New York, NY 10003
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Take the F or V train to 2nd Avenue

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Company: Lianna Walden Productions         Official Web Site:

I'm thrilled to be performing "Bi, Hung, Fit... and Married" as part of this year's Frigid New York. When we premiered the piece at the 2012 Vancouver Fringe we had no idea what the reaction would be. Since then we've taken the show across the continent, and it's your response as an audience which keeps us going.

Lianna and I often do Q&As after the show, and the feedback we've received over the years has left us humbled, inspired, and motivated to continue on. People have stood up in front of an entire audience of strangers and shared intimate details of their sexuality, personal struggles, relationship experiences, and gratitude at finally being able to hear their own story being told in a way which leaves them feeling good about themselves.

The play is based upon my new book, "Confessions of a Bisexual Husband", which is in turn based upon our own life experience, and details the process we went through of ending our 15-year marriage to embark upon a new way of being together, one which fosters personal growth and fulfillment, mutual support, and sexual freedom.

We’ve both grown tremendously since opening our relationship in 2009 and experimenting with consensual non-monogamy. Our findings have been counter-intuitive and go against much of what our society preaches about marriage, intimacy, and what it means to unconditionally love someone—and oneself.

This type of relationship can be emotionally challenging, with huge highs and low lows, but there's nothing easy about living in a loveless, passionless marriage defined by a numbing emotional stagnation either.

There have been times when we’ve both been pushed to the edge by the other. But the payoff has been worth it. Today our relationship is stronger, more stable and loving than ever before. We now have a respect and appreciation for each other which we never thought possible—after over 20 years of marriage!

Bisexuality is a queer thing indeed, and after coming out to my wife and kids, I began working with my fellow bisexuals to help them through the difficulties I had experienced, offering them hope that they too can find a dance partner with whom they can be their authentic selves. I've been running a bi-monthly support group for the past five years, counsel bisexuals, maintain a popular blog on this and other subjects, and tour the show, which has inspired many so far, and with your help and support, will continue to do so well into the future. 

The vast majority of married bisexuals—and especially male bisexuals—are deep in the closet. The feedback we receive is that this show, along with my book, has helped them – as well as people of every sexual orientation and relationship configuration – to take the first small steps toward accepting themselves as unique individuals, and to discover the joys of living an authentic, adventurous, non-conforming life.

I hope it does the same for you.