Genre: Drama
Written by Larry Phillips, Directed by Matthew J. Nichols

There’s no ‘I’ in team. But there is in family. Stephen and Paul Dowd were two of the most highly touted prospects in baseball. Stephen lived up to the hype with an amazing career in the Big Leagues. His bother Paul...never got off the plate. Now, after retiring from the game with an injury, Stephen is divorced, broke, and forced to consider a lucrative offer to film a Reality TV show about his life. But the Producers don’t just want Stephen; they want Paul and their fame-seeking younger brother Kevin as well. Secondary Pitch is a biting new play about brothers, rivalry and staying on top of the game.

Matthew J. Nichols directs a cast of four, including Ryan Dusek, Larry Phillips, Phoebe Leonard, and Peter Buck Dettmann.

“I've always been curious what it must feel like to fail at something you love, only to watch someone close to you, with little to no effort, flourish at it,” said playwright Larry Phillips. “Secondary Pitch is my look at what jealousy and pride can do to someone who's forced to face it on a daily basis.”

From Director Matthew J. Nichols:
The three Dowd brothers, despite their past successes and failures, are all grasping for a second chance, and the stakes have never been higher. Any one of them could emerge victorious or fall hopelessly in the dirt. Our goal in this intimate production is to draw the audience into the players' struggles and let them decide for themselves who are the real winners and losers.

About the Company: Randomly Specific Theatre

Randomly Specific Theatre is a New York City based independent theatre company founded in 2014. Our mission is to produce new plays with an emphasis on excellence in writing and script development and high quality production aesthetic. We do not subscribe to any single method of training or rehearsal technique. We believe that each aspect of a production, both onstage and behind the scenes, is as integral to the production as any other. Above all else we are story tellers. The play's the thing. Spinning a good yarn for the entertainment of an audience is our number one goal.

Open:   10/09/14
Close:   10/25/14

Wednesdays-Saturdays @ 8:00pm
Tuesday 14th @ 7pm
Sundays @ 3pm:
Theater:   Bridge Theater at Shetler
Address:   244 West 54th Street, 12th Floor
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