Genre: Drama, Dance, Festival
©Christina Durst
Eileen Connolly

The year is 1941. The war in Europe rages on. The Location: A windswept beach in neutral Ireland where a traveling theater troupe has smuggled in Jewish refugees from war torn Europe. As the aerialists, acrobats, contortionists, and singers prepare to mount a new production, the circus' shining star has fallen silent, the frequently drunk clown has disappeared into the night, insomniac ballerinas scan the waves for hidden German U-boats, and a shadowy presence keeps turning on the wireless radio. DAUGHTER OF THE WAVES tells the true untold story of Jewish refugees learning to survive in a new world. DAUGHTER OF THE WAVES examines the struggle of 'otherness' through the tale of the Selkie myth - a man who transforms for the love a girl and pays with his life. DAUGHTER OF THE WAVES is a collision of: Irish rebels singing raucous fight songs accompanied by the feets of flame of a pretty lass, a catchy multi-lingual songscape, swing dancing seagulls, ukulele playing prima ballerinas, a gypsy ghost watching over his unborn child, aerial faeries flipping and soaring through the air, and a soup making Krakow survivor searching for the secret ingredient to heal the broken heart.

Open:   08/31/14
Close:   09/06/14

August 31st -5:00PM
September 1st-6:30PM
September 3rd-6:30PM
September 5th-6:30PM
September 6th-2:00PM:
Theater:   Theater For The New City
Address:   155 First Avenue
New York, NY 10009
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