Space may have been the place for jazz visionary Sun Ra, but there is another location that has often been excluded from discussions of Afrofuturism: the ocean. From the mythic, underwater world of Drexciya, to the music of Azealia Banks and the artwork of Ellen Gallagher, the ocean has flooded several modes of black cultural expression. The Black Aquatic and Afrofuturism conceptualizes a "black aquatic space" and then charts it across film, theory, literature, music and contemporary art.

Organized by Jared Richardson, PhD student of Art History at Northwestern University, this discussion features Alexander G. Weheliye, Professor of English and African American Studies at Northwestern University. Join the Studio Museum for this trans-disciplinary dialogue on the aquatic as it relates to the global production of black science fictions.


Open:   02/06/14
Close:   02/06/14

02/06/14- 7:00:00
Theater:   The Studio Museum in Harlem
Address:   144 West 125th Street
New York, NY 10027
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Cost:$0, $10
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