This is a play that sits in a very important place in history, only 5 years before the communist revolution that changed Eastern Europe forever. Gorky has put in front of us human beings with human problems: poverty, illness, Mis-timed, Mis-directed, and Mis-used love, and above all, the knowledge of how everything could be so much better and no way to achieve it because power sits in the hands of the few. Gorky gives us a glimpse into the problems of a people that decided to take up arms against reality and attempt a Utopia, and what we find is that these problems and their initial solutions were not specific to Russia at all. The philosophical discourse of this play easily applies to America today, and shows us that perhaps what is said in the penthouse offices of Wall Street is not at all very different from what was said in the Kremlin at the height of it's power. Everything in the play takes a perspective of historical accuracy within a faux modern context.


Open:   02/12/14
Close:   02/23/14

02/12/14- 8:00:00
02/13/14- 8:00:00
02/14/14- 8:00:00
02/15/14- 2:00:00
02/15/14- 8:00:00
02/16/14- 7:00:00
02/19/14- 8:00:00
02/20/14- 8:00:00
02/21/14- 8:00:00
02/22/14- 2:00:00
02/22/14- 8:00:00
02/23/14- 7:00:00
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