Douglas Eacho makes theater pieces that take quoted texts and turn them into bizarre, rule-heavy systems, demanding athletic attention from performers, and giving only pieces of narrative to audiences. His performances have been called "hypnotic," "austerely beautiful" and "totally uninterested in any mainstream notions of theatrical pleasure." His past two large-scale projects were OCEAN KINGDOM, at Magic FutureBox, and ONCE AND FUTURE, at Theatre for the New City. This will be his third such project.

SOMEDAY THIS COUNTRY takes the entire script of John Ford's 1956 classic film "The Searchers," transcribed from a pirated copy of the film, and performs it not just word for word but second for second. Each line in the script is time-stamped with the minute and second it was uttered in the film. The performers have memorized these time-stamps, and will keep their lines synced with when those lines happen in the movie.

Meanwhile, they will perform a dance that lies somewhere between a 90's workout video and country line dancing. After two hours of nonstop music, clocks, and movements, performers and audience alike will be exhausted. In that moment of collapse, we hope, perhaps we can learn something new about the American project.


Open:   01/30/14
Close:   02/01/14

01/30/14- 7:30:00
01/31/14- 7:30:00
02/01/14- 7:30:00
Theater:   CPR - Center for Performance Research
Address:   361 Manhattan Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11211
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