Genre: Drama

After Seven years of bringing Avant Garde performance events to Atlanta, Horrible Children comes to New York to present an exciting new take on Calderon's Classic drama. Drawing inspiration from the films of David Lynch and Pedro Almodovar, this modern surrealist production tells the story of a man imprisoned his entire life who is suddenly placed on the throne and made king. Will he be able to overcome his animal urges, or will he be imprisoned once again to wonder if it was all a dream.

Featuring Alenka Kraigher (Idiot Savant/Old Fashioned Prostitutes), Chris Ogren, Elizabeth Keuhl, Lois Z, Jeremy Rafal, John E. Simms, Justina Adorno, Monique Huff, Jessica Ranville, Janice Amano, Sheila Romo

Directed by Michael Harrison
Set Design by Nikolay Sviridchik
Costumes by Aaron Crosby
Lighting and Sound Design by Colin Pearce


Open:   02/21/14
Close:   03/09/14

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02/21/14- 8:00:00
02/22/14- 8:00:00
02/22/14- 2:00:00
02/23/14- 3:00:00
02/26/14- 8:00:00
02/27/14- 8:00:00
02/28/14- 8:00:00
03/01/14- 2:00:00
03/01/14- 8:00:00
03/02/14- 3:00:00
03/05/14- 8:00:00
03/06/14- 8:00:00
03/07/14- 8:00:00
03/08/14- 2:00:00
03/08/14- 8:00:00
03/09/14- 3:00:00

Theater:   Access Theater-Black Box Theater- NY, NY
Address:   380 Broadway @ White St.
NY, NY 10013
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