Genre: Classical, Comedy
Written by Titus Maccius Plautus, Adapted and Directed by Thomas R. Gordon

 A Comedic Investigation Of Love And Improvisation

A young Roman by the name of Calidorus has a problem.  He is in love with Phœnicium, a girl who belongs to a Madame named Ballio, but a bargain has been made to sell her to an old and ugly Macedonian soldier.  Calidorus will do anything to stop this, so it falls to Pseudolus, the clever slave, to help her master save Phœnicium from this Macedonian nightmare and win her freedom or she will lose her head.  The stakes are high, and it is clear that Pseudolus does not entirely have a clear plan.  Can Pseudolus improvise her way out of this awful mess and save the day for a happy ending?




Nov. 7th – 17th


The Gene Frankel Theatre

24 Bond Street, New York, NY 10012


Tickets -

$20 - Regular

$10 – Student


MTA - 

6 - (Bleeker)

F, B & D - (Broadway/Lafayette)

Cross Streets - Bond St. & Lafayette St. (Manhattan)


Pseudolus – Miranda Webster

Calidorus, Simo – Alex Levitt

Ballio – Sarah Hegarty

Harpax, Simia, Boy, Ballio’s Slaves – Matthew K. Davis

Phoenicium, Charinus, Callipho, Cook, Ballio’s Women – Madison Byles



Director - Thomas R. Gordon

Stage Manager – Samantha Ryel

Costume Design – Al Malonga

Set Designer - Zach Serafin

Lighting Designer – Brian Henderson

Production Manager - Tasha Partee

Costume Director - Charlotte Gaspard

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Open:   02/27/14
Close:   03/16/14

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02/27/14 - 8:00 PM Performance
02/28/14 - 8:00 PM Performance
03/01/14 - 8:00 PM Performance
03/02/14 - 8:00 PM Matinee Performance

03/05/14 - 8:00 PM Performance
03/06/14 - 8:00 PM Performance
03/07/14 - 8:00 PM Performance
03/08/14 - 8:00 PM Performance
03/09/14 - 1:30 PM Matinee Performance

03/12/14 - 8:00 PM Performance
03/13/14 - 8:00 PM Performance
03/14/14 - 8:00 PM Performance
03/15/14 - 8:00 PM Performance
03/16/14 - 1:30 PM Closing Performance!

Theater:   The Gene Frankel Theatre
Address:   24 Bond Street
New York, NY 10012
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Cost:$20 - Regular ; $10 - Student
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