Genre: Classical

Shakespeare’s most beloved comedy, Twelfth Night, in ORIGINAL PRONUNCIATION, begins when a pair of shipwrecked twins find themselves stranded penniless in the land of Illyira. Viola, to survive, pretends to be a young man named Cesario and finds employment in Duke Orsino’s household. Soon she becomes his messenger of unrequited love to fair Olivia. Things get complicated when Olivia, instead, falls in love with Cesario, and the plot thickens. Unable to confess her true identity, as a woman, disguised as a man, she struggles to fend off Olivia’s advances while falling in love herself with Orsino. The play is full of zany, impossible characters, each with an agenda of their own. Sebastian, her brother, meanwhile roams the land, followed by Antonio and then, when they finally re-unite at the end of the story, the twins each have found true love and happiness. Our play is being presented completely in ORIGINAL PRONUNCIATION, which is the way Shakespeare’s actors spoke on stage in the 1600‘s. This seldom heard pronunciation is wonderfully alive and brings a refreshing sparkle to the rhymes and puns so important to the meaning of Shakespeare’s wonderful story.



Open:   02/18/12
Close:   02/19/12

02/18/12- 8:00
02/19/12- 2:00
Theater:   American Theatre Of Actors
Address:   314 West 54th Street
New York, NY 10019
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Cost:$10.00 - $15.00
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