Genre: Comedy

by Franca ValeriDirected by Laura CaparrottiTranslated by Natasha LarderaStarring Laura Caparrotti and Marta Mondelliwith Voice Over by Rocco Sisto“Tosca” by Puccini is based on a drama by Sardou. In this well-known opera, Mario Cavarodossi, a painter who has concealed a dangerous political prisoner, is being protected by his lover, a celebrated singer named Tosca. Cavarodossi is tortured to reveal the whereabouts of the prisoner to Scarpia, the chief of police, who has promised to save the painter by a mock execution if Tosca will give herself to him. She ultimately agrees, but stabs Scarpia at the last moment. The execution is, however, a real one and in grief, Tosca leaps from a battlement to her death. 2010 was the 110th anniversary of the opera, which debuted on January 14, 1900.“Tosca e le altre due“ by Franca Valeri shares the 19th century setting and events of the opera, but refracts them through two memorable women characters who share them from the outside. The torture’s screams and scuffles are overheard from upstairs by the wife of the torturer and the female doorkeeper of Palazzo Farnese in Rome, where the interrogation is taking place. The play is a wry and humorous character study of these two women, outsiders, who are accidentally close to the passions and politics of the story.Divided almost like the three acts of Tosca, “Tosca and the two downstairs” moves between two Roman settings,the church Sant’Andrea della Valle and the Palazzo Farnese. It starts out deceptively satirical, comical and light, then enlarges into a very profound analysis of its two characters. Emilia, although stern, conservative and protective of her position in the status quo, is revealed to be empathetic to a fault and willing to risk her life to help anyone. Iride, who had escaped a life with no “moral” pretensions, would now rather return to the streets than endure her violent, cruel husband.



Open:   03/20/14
Close:   03/30/14

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Theater:   Dicapo Opera Theatre
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