Genre: Comedy

Program B: Sat. at 9 pm and Sun. at 2 pmDEMERARA GOLD written and performed by IngridGriffith. Directed by Margit Edwards. A headstrong girl struggles to survive in her grandmother's world in Guyana as she waits for a visa to join her parents in America. AT A SNAIL’S PACE written by Christine Emmert &Marjorie Conn. Directed by Jack Wernick, asst dirJohn Buckingham. Starring Marjorie Conn, Alisa Prunerand Jack Wernick. 2 hermaphrodite snails named Daisyand Maisy are attempting to mate and trying to figureout who is going to be the “man” and who the “woman”.A SUCCESSFUL WOMAN – written by Ana Mary Ingham.Produced by Joseph Leone. Directed by Jim Jaworski.Starring Joseph Leone & Sharon Shahar. For the savagepoet, when straight sex isn't enough and successfulwomen endure!THE PROMOTION written and directed by Edward Eriksson.Starring Arthur Gallagher & Michel Luca.KATE’S DATE WITH THE APOCALYPSE by Annie HarrisonElliott. Director – Robyn Nielsen, Assis. Dir. VladanaIllic. Starring Lindsay Taylor, Jason Vance, TessaGreenberg, Jarrod Zayas and Robyn Nielsen. Certainthings are meant to change, even if the world isending.TAKE IT LIKE A MAN by James Barone. Directed by MikeVeasey. Starring Ricki Todd & Jordan Ruth. Whathappens when a hypochondriac comic book nerd and abeautiful young doctor meet? Love, of course,because this is a play, not reality.THE KILLER AND THE PREDATOR written and directedby Renee McNeil. Starring Justine Hall andBradley Custer. He came there looking for prey,but he became the prey.



Open:   03/16/13
Close:   03/16/13

03/16/13- 9:00
Theater:   Roy Arias Theaters
Address:   300 W. 43rd Street 5th Floor
New York, NY 10036
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