Genre: Drama

Never before brought to life onstage in such a raw and compelling way, “SACRED ELEPHANT” delivers a unique theatrical experience, where man is no longer the central character. This powerful and evocative dramatic monologue for the 21st Century is adapted for the stage by Geoffrey Hyland and Jeremy Crutchley from the beautifully crafted epic poem by Heathcote Williams. The play’s immediate and essential subject is the elephant itself, mysterious, majestic - the world’s largest and oldest living land-mammal – yet it ultimately confronts the tensions in the extraordinary and historic relationship with humans – sounding out the nature of the mind and soul of Man. Jeremy Crutchley is “The Other”, a presence caught between worlds. While the inspiration comes out of Africa, the themes are universal: as relevant in the heart of the city as in the wild. This is us, now. There is simply no other drama quite like it. sacred elephant new york



Open:   09/05/13
Close:   09/22/13

09/05/13- 8:00
09/07/13- 8:00
09/13/13- 8:00
09/18/13- 8:00
09/19/13- 8:00
09/21/13- 8:00
09/22/13- 3:00
Theater:   La MaMa ETC
Address:   74A East 4th Street
New York, NY 10003
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Cost:$16.00 - $20.00
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