Genre: Drama

A $35 Value - Use code GREEN for 1/2 price tickets On the heels of their acclaimed productions of 1931- and Success Story, The ReGroup turns its attention to the Group Theatre’s very first play, Paul Green’s The House of Connelly. With special permission and support from the Paul Green Foundation, this poetic tale of the last dying gasps of the Old South trying to prevent the progression of new ideas gets a much overdue NY revival. Wayward son Will Connelly, heir to the famous Connelly estate finds himself unable to live up to the prestige of the legendary Connellys of the past. When Patsy, daughter of the new tenant farmer arrives on the estate, is it love at first sight or does she have her calculating eyes on becoming the new Mrs. Connelly? The struggles between tradition and change, black and white and truth versus secrets come to a shocking conclusion. Though the Group made Mr. Green rewrite the ending to make it more hopeful, the ReGroup will be presenting Mr. Green’s original ending. It is sure to be jaw dropping even after 80 years. Originally presented in 1931, The House of Connelly immediately propelled the Group Theatre to prominence. Directed by Lee Strasberg, the cast featured such future legends as Stella Adler, Morris Carnovsky, and Clifford Odets. In his New York Times review, Brooks Atkinson wrote that Mr. Green “has such abundant understanding, such integrity of character and such magnetism of passion that you are likely to remember the pure truth of his prose poem long after you have forgotten a thousand craftsmanlike plays about love, family and possessions. In 1934, the play was turned into the film Carolina starring Lionel Barrymore and 6 year old Shirley Temple. The House of Connelly features a 16 person cast featuring Logan James Hall, Claire Buckingham, Selena C. Dukes, Anthony Laciura, Charlotte Hampden, Tami McCarthy, Maja Wampuszyc, Sheila Simmons, Ted Morgan, Tim Gilliss, Jamie Jung, Clark Beasley Jr, Eli Bridges, Rebecca Beberaggi, Kimberley Shoniker, and Anthony Rinaldi. The play will be staged by Allie Mulholland.Tickets bought at full value include a special gift and a complimentary glass of wine.



Open:   01/23/14
Close:   02/09/14

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Theater:   TBG Theatre
Address:   312 West 36th Street
New York, NY 10018
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