Genre: Classical

Othello has promoted Cassio as his lieutenant, and Iago, who was hoping for the promotion himself, makes plots against both Cassio and Othello to exact revenge. Othello has secretly married Desdemona, the beautiful daughter of Venetian senator Brabantio, and Iago is determined to use Desdemona as the means of his revenge. When Othello is sent to Cyprus by the Duke of Venice, Iago escorts Desdemona there to meet him. When they arrive in Cyprus, Iago sets his scheme to motion. He gets Cassio drunk, then has Roderigo pick a fight with Cassio that ends in Cassio's demotion. Iago has Cassio visit Desdemona, saying that an appeal to her might do well to convince Othello to reinstate him. Iago's treachery ends up costing numerous lives.



Open:   07/24/13
Close:   08/11/13

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Theater:   American Theatre Of Actors
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