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TEATRO LATEA and CAICEDO PRODUCTIONS proudly present the "THE ONE FESTIVAL!" the Seventh annual event showcasing new theatrical works by solo performers. ONE ParticipantsWritten and Performed by: Cathie Boruch -“Up the Down Staircase” A wacky jersey girls experience in corporate America with a rock and roll hippy soulApril 13, 2012 @8pmApril 16, 2012 @8pmWritten and Performed by: Sara Contreras-“Life Lines”A comedic look at one Latina's past and present, and her winning battle against paranoia and Father TimeApril 19, 2012 @8pmApril 21, 2012 @8pmWritten and Performed by: Dalia Davi-“Maria Montez Queen of Technicolor”A south Bronx actress is possessed by the spirit of Maria Montez. The first Dominican leading to conquer 1940s Hollywood. April 10, 2012 @8pmApril 20, 2012 @8pmWritten and Performed by: Kamsy Duarte-“Now and Then”Young Julio takes you through his quest in life which shows his search for an identity through various periods.April 10, 2012 @8pmApril 21, 2012 @5pmWritten and Performed by: Fariso Jordan-“Georgia”Georgia maneuvers through love after rape. After a young couple survives this quiet violence, the play shows the staggered reality of what happens when a single thrust unlocks different answers to the same question. April 9, 2012 @8pmApril 14, 2012 @8pmWritten and Performed by: Lailah Lancing-"Whahahappenwuz!!!"Find out how a young child from jersey turned to be the sensational LAILAH LANCING!!!!!April 13, 2012 @8pm April 17, 2012 @8pmWritten by: Eduardo Leanez and Patrick E. Horrigan - "You Are Confused!” You are Confused is a story of the relationship between a gay Latino boy and his mother.Performed by: Eduardo LeanezApril 9, 2012 @8pmApril 22, 2012 @4pmWritten and Performed by: Gustavo Pace-“Naked Brazilian”Our hero abandons his father's dreams for him in Brazil, to pursue his own dreams of adventure and sexual freedom in America.April 12, 2012 @8pmApril 18, 2012 @8pm Written and Performed by: Jose Roldan Jr.-“Father Forgive Me For I Have Sinned”A South Bronx Tale - about Life, Love and Sazón.April 11, 2012 @8pmApril 14, 2012 @8pmWritten Yasmin Bowe-Woods -“FETISH”Performed by: Nadijah Abdul KhaliqA young talented, ambitious and determined woman relocates to New York City to follow her dreams. Soon she finds herself going down a very slippery slope.April 14, 2012 @5pmApril 21, 2012 @5pmWritten and Performed by: R. Ernie Silva-“Trouble Man”A story about a man who finds trouble in smoke, mirrors and circular lies.April 11, 2012 @8pmApril 19, 2012 @8pmWritten and Performed by: Nate Speare-“We Died of Thirst”A young brat follows Ronald Reagan through the Underworld.April 12, 2012 @8pmApril 16, 2012 @8pmWritten By: Christine Suero and Leticia Castillo - “A Little Sugar for the Heart”A recipe for love and life brewed right at home.Performed by: Christine SueroApril 17, 2012 @8pmApril 22, 2012 @4pmWritten and Performed by: Alfedo Tauste-“SHAMAN”A REAl PANIC THERAPY- a multi-directed drama that will reveal a spiritual-analytical reality based on energetic and sensorial memories, traumas, dreams, nightmares, photographs, drawings, and personal monsters of the artist and creator, with the help of 5 directorsApril 15, 2012 @4pmApril 18, 2012 @8pmWritten and Performed by: Marilyn Torres-“SANE”Meet an array of women from different backgrounds who face theirdemons concerning relationships, family, work and other life issuesthat threaten their sanity. April 15, 2012 @4pmApril 20, 2012 @8pmWritten and Performed by: Mac Welch-“Zero Population Growth”An engaging look a five different perspectives on the modern human experience.April 14, 2012 @5pmApril 21, 2012 @8pm teatro la tea teatro latea

Solo Performance"

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Open:   04/05/12
Close:   04/07/12

04/05/12- 8:00
04/06/12- 8:00
04/07/12- 8:00
Theater:   Clemente Soto Velez Ctr
Address:   107 Suffolk Street
New York, NY 10002
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