Genre: Comedy

Audience comments from the first six performances of Moon 2 @ Tryston: “Great play! I thoroughly enjoyed it!” “The play is very intriguing & the acting is excellent. Some scenes are very dramatic & others have a romantic touch. The parrot is really creative!” “Very inventive! Interesting use of language!” “Well done.” “Very good. Dialogue good. Loved the bird!” “Great interesting ‘love’ dialogue between the son and daughter.” “Excellent! Great writing & a very timely topic. The two comic actors were esp. good. Great costumes!” “Natural actors--great cast.” “Loved the parrot.” “Good acting. Good stage work and lighting.” “Completely engaging show! Beautiful writing. Bravo to all the actors, too.” “(Takes on) complex issues head on ... Kudos to all the actors!” “Very good--Believable. Thank you.” “Lovely thoughts and ideas--timely and human--simply and imaginatively done. Thank you all!” “A well written story of the perils of power & greed. Ending stirs hope.” “Good writing!” “Thoughtful & nuanced characters & plot. Liked how it showed how politics, religion, commerce & personal interests can collide. Cool costumes.” “As a lifetime fan of the science fiction genre, I found the age old issues of religious fanaticism & corporate greed presented in an engaging manner.” “It is disturbing to realize how wars can be started by people with agendas.” "Interesting use of language. Very inventive. Cool costumes!" "Great variety in actors that meshed very well!" "Lisanne/De Armand had mad chemistry." Smartly written, very interested in the usage of blank verse. I'd like to see the fourth wall broken more distinctly or more consistently." Moon 2 @ Tryston by Janeen Stevens and directed by Dr. Carol Ferrone, tells the story of two very different planets: planet Verideen, where women reign supreme over men, and planet Gobara, where a person's worth is measured solely in material terms. Enter some nefarious military/industrial CEOs seeking to sell their wares. It will be up to two rebellious young people to extract their planets from ensuing war, finding love in the process. Although set in a far-off solar system, the play was inspired by President Eisenhower's 1961 farewell address to congress wherein he warned against the "acquisition of unwarranted influence ... by the military-industrial complex." If you miss the use of blank verse in modern theatre, this is a chance to hear it again; Moon 2 has a number of scenes in blank verse.An Actors' Equity approved showcase, the production features actors Nikki Casseri, Borah Coburn, Nancy P. Corbo, Ellie d'Eustachio, Tyler Gardella, Gary Kozak, Len Rella (AEA), and Khloe Sunga. The production will be enhanced by contributions from the following artists & artisans: origami model foldings by Delrosa Marshall, creative weavings by Nancy Rakoczy, scenic projection paintings by Barry Gomolka, and crocheted planets & moons by Georgien E.The theatre precinct is wheelchair accessible. For more information about Original Intent Theatre and The Xavier Company go to, and



Open:   06/13/12
Close:   06/13/12

06/13/12- 7:30
Theater:   Roy Arias Theaters
Address:   300 W. 43rd Street 5th Floor
New York, NY 10036
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