Genre: Drama

"I grew up in the Jewish left wing community in New York City in the 60s and 70’s. I lived in a union-built cooperative housing project, spent vacations at a socialist colony, and went to a summer camp with a communist lineage. I was raised on a liturgy of labor songs and civil rights anthems and learned Marxist theory by osmosis. But by the time I came along, the movement I was born into was fading away." - Billy Yalowitz, Playwright of East Towards Home"East Towards Home" brings to life three generations of Jewish left-wing culture in New York City. The play braids together the annals of radical choreographers from the 1930's and 40's, texts and songs from Woody Guthrie, and first-person stories of childhood in NYC a generation later. With loose-limbed storytelling, visual projections and animation, modern dance, and live music, this coming-of-age piece offers a personal and impassioned look at the culture and history of the American Jewish radical left-wing community, at a time when that legacy is in danger of passing into obscurity.



Open:   01/23/14
Close:   02/02/14

01/23/14- 8:00
01/24/14- 8:00
01/25/14- 3:00
01/25/14- 8:00
01/26/14- 3:00
01/30/14- 8:00
01/31/14- 8:00
02/01/14- 3:00
02/01/14- 8:00
02/02/14- 3:00
Theater:   Theater For The New City
Address:   155 First Avenue
New York, NY 10009
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