Genre: Drama

FOR GROUP DISCOUNTS EMAIL:Livebonafide@gmail.comVIP tickets:SPECIAL RESERVED SEATING & COMPLIMENTARY DRINK!ALL TICKETS MORE AT DOOR-Relationships are consistently being torn apart and our society of today has not yet been able to regain the essence of what was once known as true love. -Children are being raised in single parent homes and are forced to walk around with many unanswered questions. Minds are filled with poisoned thoughts and their hearts are overwhelmed with pain. -The streets of the world are walked upon by the heels of women.Strange men cologne on, her money made, her cries unheard,yet the mother smiles as she destructs her own child -Lips to brim, needle to skin, the innocent eye in the corner at watch. not a blink, not a sound,just a wet top, filled with tear drops.-Many are faced with problems like these and are reminded of them as they wake up every single day. This show seeks to inspire and create a better reality....taking us far beyond the ordinary play!



Open:   11/01/13
Close:   11/03/13

11/01/13- 8:00
11/02/13- 4:00
11/02/13- 8:00
11/03/13- 2:00
11/03/13- 6:00
Theater:   TBG Theatre
Address:   312 West 36th Street
New York, NY 10018
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Cost:$20.00 - $50.00
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