Genre: Classical

John Gay's 1728 comic masterpiece sends up maudlin love stories, ornate opera, political corruption, & mocks the "arrangement" of criminal classes with those of law & disorder. The music is folk songs with new words (our arrangements go from baroque to folk.)This is the play Brecht adapted for Threepenny Opera, but the jokes here, having been written in English, are funnier. The corruption among all classes of society is the same, however.Macheath the highwayman, generous to a fault, shares his money with everyone and the gambling table, and his love-making with as many women as he can find. Peachum is the fence and sells criminals to Lockit the warden, who gets kickbacks from both Peachum and the criminals. Peacum's daughter Polly and Lockit's daughter Lucy each thinks Macheath will marry her. Jenny the whore sells Macheath out; he is to be hanged, and it looks as though his philandering has backfired, for he sits in Newgate waiting to be hanged. But of course there's a happy ending, and everyone sings.Gay's music is eighteenth century folk tunes with new lyrics; we've kept those tunes and lyrics, and our arrangements go from baroque to folk to country and western. The play runs 3 hours, including two intermissions.



Open:   04/29/12
Close:   04/29/12

04/29/12- 7:00
Theater:   Medicine Show Theatre
Address:   549 West 52nd Srteet, 3rd floor
New York, NY 10019
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Cost:$15.00 - $18.00
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