A very now version of Mozart's original 1786 comic songspiel. The classic four tunes are sung in really good English, and in this unique version, Mozart's rarely seen non-singing characters morph into a troupe of singers vying for roles by auditioning with a selection of Mozart's greatest hits. Dueling sopranos, battling baritones, a libidinous backer and one very broke producer. The same old story, brand new.You’ll meet, and learn to love and loathe, Vinnie Birdwhistle, Heartbroken Tenor; sopranos Isolde Goldentrill and Swanhilda Silverspiel--one on the way up, one on the way out; Drusilla Kronensprech, a Mezzo with a Method, as well as Donaldo Largesse Angelgelt, Swifty Frank, and his Faithless Companion Buddenbrooks Buff, Fredrich Goldentrill--Barihunk Trouble Incarnate--and Tristana Straight, all weird in their own way. You won’t see Wolftreudle Birdwhistle and you’ll find out why. Laughs probable, applause compulsory. See It Now--satire lowers cholesterol.Starring: Donavon Diez & Nicole Aiossa, Lucia Bradford-Wiggins, Joseph Flaxman, Nathan Haller, David Hicks, Michelle Trovato, Amelia Watkins, Jorell WilliamsDirection & Choreography: Wendy TaucherMusic Direction: Jason WirthWritten by: David Richmond & Wendy Taucher with Nicole AiossaPlease note!Ticket price does not include venue's required $15. food & beverage minimum per person.

New Opera"

Opera.New Opera

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Open:   05/04/13
Close:   05/18/13

05/04/13- 3:00
05/11/13- 3:00
05/18/13- 3:00
Theater:   The Laurie Beechman Theatre
Address:   West Bank Cafe
New York, NY 10036
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Cost:$25.00 - $100.00
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