Genre: Drama

Finding himself without a job, without hope, and without escape, Simon Podsednik stands on the brink between losing everything and ending it all. Concerned friends and family stage an intervention, but their frantic attempts to fix things might do more harm than good.

Adapted from the Stalin-censored 1928 play of the same name, Suicide!?, now updated and restaged in 2013 New York, pulls back the curtain on the desperate times and desperate measures that accompany a flailing economy. Alternating between gritty humor and painful insight, Suicide!? pushes us to ask: what is our true cost of living, and what is the price we are willing to pay?


Open:   01/04/14
Close:   01/26/14

01/04/14- 8:00:00
01/10/14- 8:00:00
01/11/14- 8:00:00
01/12/14- 8:00:00
01/16/14- 8:00:00
01/17/14- 8:00:00
01/18/14- 8:00:00
01/19/14- 8:00:00
01/23/14- 8:00:00
01/24/14- 8:00:00
01/25/14- 8:00:00
01/26/14- 8:00:00
Theater:   The InterArt Theater
Address:   500 West 52nd Street
New York, NY 10019
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Cost:$18, $30
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