Genre: Drama, Musical
©Anna Flores
Written by Jody Christopherson; Directed by Natalie Johnsonius Neubert


Music by: Greencard Wedding and David Anzuelo

Featuring: Michael De Roos, Jody Christopherson, Homa Hynes and David Anzuelo (on video).

Sound Design: Natalie Johnsonius Neubert

Lighting Design: Derek Wright 

Video Design and Editing: Jody Christopherson 

Video Music Sound Mixing: Alexandre Perez, Brokenland Studios

After a successful run in The New York International Fringe Festival, The Skype Show is back, bigger and bolder than ever before with more music, new surprises and the same Frisian Wedding cake for everyone.

In November of 2010, Jody Christopherson and Michael de Roos formed the indie-folk-beatbox-rock band Greencard Wedding in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. In December of 2012, Michael's visa ran out. He moved back to Holland and Jody and Michael discovered they couldn't harmonize via Skype. But they could write a play. And music. . . and maybe get an artist visa. This transmedia musical is an exploration of the ways technology can enable us to transcend boundaries, uniting artists with each other and their audience. (Performed in English.)

Critics Pick: Time Out New York Gives The Skype Show 4 Stars!

“Keeps you on the edge of your seat, and yields a poignant statement about government support for artists in America. With not much more than a desk and a few scattered props—and highly original music from their band, Greencard Wedding, that blends dubstep beat-boxing with folk guitar and vocals—The Skype Show provides just the kind of experience you hope for . . . Christopherson and De Roos are talents to watch, not to mention a pleasure to hear.” —Derek Smith, Time Out New York

“David Anzuelo. . . is a one-of-a-kind, 1000-watt light bulb aiming straight for your heart.”—Kimberly Pau, Cultural Capitol

“The show definitely has legs and I have no doubt it will continue to charm audiences in the future.”—Zouch Magazine

90 minutes

APAP Previews: January 11 & 12, 2pm

Open:   01/11/14
Close:   02/08/14

January 22nd - 25th
February 5th - 8th at 7pm
Theater:   Brick Theater
Address:   575 Metropolitan Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11211
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Buy Tickets Online or Call: Ovation Tickets at 866-811-4111