Genre: Drama

Upon its debut release in 2009 Black Latina was originally performed as a one woman show by the author, Crystal S. Roman (CEO/Founder of Black Latina Movement). Now redesigned by director Veronica Caicedo (CEO/Founder of Caicedo Productions) an all female ensemble, are each personified by one of the four strongest emotions one confronts in the face of adversity: Anger, Sadness, Love, and Empowerment. Each character delivers a testimony that further justifies their assigned emotion and offers varying views, ideas, and experiences while simultaneously sharing the common bond of being a Black Latina. Through spoken word, song, and dance the cast resolves the story's issues (from Anger to Empowered) by showing all sides of a multifaceted spectrum. From denouncing oneself and "fitting in" to embracing the beauty and pride of "being Black", Black Latina lets the world know exactly who we are.

The characters bridge the gap between all Black Latinas from skin color and hair textures, to facial features, backgrounds and language*. Black Latina not only deals with the "traditional" black/white ideas of racism within the U.S., but also exposes complex internalized racism between African Americans, Hispanics, and Black Latinos.

*Black Latina's current run is a trilingual production (presented in English, Spanish and Portuguese).

A small Q and A host by a guest moderator will take place after each show with the Actors, Director, and Writer.

Teniece Divya Johnson
Jenelle Simone
Nubia Santos
Anaridia Burgos
Cherie Nicole Dennis

Executive Producer/Writer- Crystal S. Roman
Director- Veronica Caicedo
Choreographer- Lauren De Veaux


Open:   09/04/13
Close:   09/08/13

09/04/13- 8:00:00
09/05/13- 8:00:00
09/06/13- 8:00:00
09/07/13- 3:00:00
09/07/13- 8:00:00
09/08/13- 5:00:00
Theater:   Urban Stages
Address:   259 W 30th Street
New York, NY 10017
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Cost:$18, $20
Buy Tickets Online or Call: Brown Paper Tickets at 1-800-838-3006