Genre: Comedy, Drama
Written by: Reynaldo Rivera, Directed by: Johnny Culver


Jimmy, a wanna be tough kid from alphabet city is in Tompkins Square park waiting for his girlfriend, Jennifer. But upon meeting her, awkwardly, Jennifer cancels their plans because a friend is in the hospital and needs her urgently. Jennifer then quickly runs off. Overhearing this is a confident looking young man, who tells Jimmy that Jennifer is lying and is actually about to hook up with a co-worker. Confused and angered by what the man has said, Jimmy lunges towards him but quickly finds himself powerless. The stranger turns out to be Satan, who begins an exhibition of his powers and knowledge of mankind to convince Jimmy to accept his true path in life and take over as Satan's successor.

Cast: Toni Purichia, Jacob Berger, Jacob Berger
Open:   09/13/13
Close:   09/21/13

Limited run
September 13th and 21st
Theater:   Teatro LATEA
Address:   107 Suffolk Street - 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10002
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A former social worker born and raised in the Bronx, Jacob Berger has been steadily moving through the ranks of show business since he began this journey a little over two years ago. Since that time, Jacob has been working non-stop to move up in the business taking on as many quality film and television projects including dozens of original content webseries along with several theater productions. He has been training at many of the top acting institutions such as William Esper, Stella Adler, CNC Studios and UCB. Jacob enjoys working with other creative individuals and takes the approach to life that if you have the mindset of a winner, good things will happen. Jacob continues to exemplify the attitude and work ethic needed to succeed in this business and he is a name that you should take note of as his stock continues to rise. For more information on Jacob please visit www.nycastings.com/JacobBerger


Born in New York City, Reynaldo Rivera grew up in the Lower East Side, aka Alphabet City. In high school he landed his first acting role as Johnny Casino in Grease. Like lots of actors, this was the start of his love affair with the craft. After graduating he went on to study acting at The Lee Strasburg Theatrical Institute, H.B. Studio’s, and William Esper Studio's. 

Reynaldo Rivera captures his passion for life through his artistic and soulful expression on stage and screen. He cares about his craft and brings both a light touch and a deep exploration to the characters that leave the viewer and the spectator feeling inspired by his true gift. 

He has worked on a number of plays including God's Favorite and Hurly Burly, his most recent The Procedure by Marcu Yi as well as working TV shows such as 24 and Day Break.

Easy to recognize, his talent has been shaped both through his training and life experiences, giving him access to a wide range of emotions and an infinite potential in his character development. Reynaldo Rivera is a gift to witness, to watch and to collaborate with. For more information on Reynaldo, please visit www.reynaldorivera.biz

Erik Ramos Jimmy


Born and raised in New Jersey, Erik Ramos is of Colombian, South American decent.  Erik graduated from Montclair State University with a degree in Theater & Film. Subsequent training included a one-year Sanford Meisner program at the Wendy Ward Studio, followed by ongoing Master Acting and on-camera technique with the Penny Templeton Studio and the Anthony Abeson Actor Training Program. 

Erik’s most recent acting credits include a lead role in the upcoming DC Comics-inspired fan film “Freeze” and the film “Gimme Shelter” which stars Brendan Fraiser and Vanessa Hudgens.  Both films are slated to be released in 2013.  In addition to acting, Erik has taken to writing and standup comedy, performing throughout NYC including Carolines Comedy Club, Gotham Comedy Club and Broadway Comedy Club. 

 For more information on Erik, please visit www.erik-ramos.com and/or ‘like’ him at www.facebook.com/TheErikRamos.