Genre: Festival

As If It Were The Last Time is a subtlemob about celebrating the present, about home, belonging and loss. A snapshot of the world around you, a chance to savour the moment, and make new connections with the people and the place surrounding you. This is no requiem, this a celebratory slow dance, a chance to savour the world you live in, and to see it with fresh eyes.

What is a subtlemob?

A subtlemob is an invisible flashmob, it integrates with the beauty of the everyday world, so only its participants are aware of it. It's like walking through a film, experienced on headphones, performed by you and hundreds of strangers. Armed with only an mp3 player, mixture of narrative and richly textured music fills your ears, sometimes you'll just be watching, sometimes you'll be following instructions. There's nothing embarrassing or dangerous, you're almost just playing yourself.

There is no venue, there are no ushers, this is a performance organised and owned by you . . .

try to remain invisible.

The piece is free takes place in a secret Brooklyn location. Register at


Music and text by Duncan Speakman and Sarah Anderson

“..deliberate slap in the face to the flashmob phenomena . . . it reshapes the cultural landscape.” — Paul Currion

“a welcome taste of transmedia storytelling” — Aesthetica Magazine

“Capricious and profound, the experience definitely captures what it is to escape from the world for a little bit – and then to return and find that you see things just a bit differently ” — The Londonist

“true augmented reality, and I want to take my friends and loved ones back there with me. It hurts that I can’t. But that’s kind of what being is, isn’t it?”—Hannah Nicklin


About the Company: The Brick Theater

The Brick Theater, Inc. is a not-for-profit theater company dedicated to nurturing the work of emerging artists at its performance space in Williamsburg, Brooklyn - The Brick. The Brick presents world premieres, monthly performance series and seasonal festivals, expanding Williamsburg's profile as a destination for cutting-edge art and entertainment. The Brick continues to seek new artists and projects, to provide them with a creative home and to serve as Williamsburg's primary incubator of innovative theater arts.

Open:   07/06/13
Close:   07/06/13

7/6/2013, 7pm
Theater:   Brick Theater
Address:   575 Metropolitan Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11211
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