Genre: Drama, Dance
©C Furman
written by Sam Shepard, directed by George Russell

De Facto Dance presents


directed by George Russell

HERE Arts Center
145 6th Avenue
New York, Ny

Performance Schedule:
July 14 – July 16, 2013
Sunday-Tuesday at 7pm

Joseph Chaikin called the play he created with Sam Shepard "...common poems of real and imagined moments in the spell of love."  This Dance/Theater version of Savage/Love (no relation to Dan Savage) is De Facto Dance's first “set play”.  Previous De Facto work focuses on choreographic structures that generate improvised dance/theater. De Facto brings a spirit of "improvisational remix" to Savage/Love.  Music, movement, and movies reframe the collaborative, crystalline poems of Shepard and Chaikin.  The result ranges from the poignant to the sublime to the violent to the ridiculous. 

“De Facto charms with its simplicity and ingenuity” –Dance Insider.

Like De Facto's previous works, Savage/Love is ironic, but it uses irony to get closer to emotional truth, rather than to sidestep it.  Simple, raw, intimate, immediate, ironic, incomplete, the play inhabits a world in which savages and innocents struggle to locate themselves and their lovers, and to put together the codes and keywords of trust, communion and desire. De Facto's remix is a true marriage of movement and theater. The rehearsal process, like love itself, has encouraged artists on both ends of the dance-theater training spectrum to surrender habits and defaults to match the practices of the other. 

Original Music by Seth Clayton
Video Projections by Adam Meeks
Lighting by Karsten Otto

Featuring: Leah Christine, Kelly Donovan, Meg Fry, Meagan Kensil, Charley Layton, Sydney Matthews, Wayne Maugans, George Russell & Jordan Smith

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About the Company: De Facto Dance

DE FACTO DANCE is a New York City based performance company with collaborators in many parts of the United States including Philadelphia, Milwaukee, Minneapolis and Los Angeles. For the majority of De Facto’s work, there is little pre-choreographed or memorized movement and text. Their pieces ask the performers to be radically attuned to what is going on in real time and space. De Facto’s movement technique draws from dance forms like modern dance, contact improvisation, ballet and release technique, and from principles of alignment from Yoga and Alexander Technique. De Facto believes that choreographic improvisation can be learned by anyone interested in exploring full-bodied pedestrian movement. That is, they explore the richness and nuance within movement “regular” people do all day every day relishing and exploring the depth of experience that can be felt in the small changes in posture / gesture / gait of every-day life. De Facto Dance includes a cast of 10-15 performers, with a consistent core of choreographers and directors who include Kelly Donovan, Meg Fry and George Russell.

De Facto has been presented in NYC by: Movement Research at Judson Church, Jackson Heights Playstreet, New Dance Alliance’s Performance Mix at Joyce SoHo, the Present Company/NY International Fringe Festival, Hothouse at P.S. 122, Improvisational Arts Ensembles, New Dance Alliance’s Performance Mix, Oasis at Chashama, Williamsburg Arts Nexus (WAX), Improvised & Otherwise: a Festival of Sound & Form, and Cold Change at The Knitting Factory.  And other places by: Danceworks in Milwaukee, Wesleyan University and New Haven’s Educational Center for the Arts, Sweat in Hoboken, and LadyFest Philly, the Philadelphia International Fringe Festival, and Dance Theater Camp, and many more.

Open:   07/14/13
Close:   07/16/13

Tuesday- Sunday at 7pm
Theater:   Here Arts Center
Address:   145 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10013
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Closest subway: C,E to Spring Street; south to theatre

Buy Tickets Online or Call: Ovation Tickets at 866-811-4111
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