Genre: Drama
Written by Kathleen Potts, Directed by Lydia Fort

A play about the power of faith, the lure of deceit.


Gambling, promises, denial, lies, and a trucker/preacher who thinks of his flock “not as sheep, but as deer in the headlights of life.”  As each character’s outlook is altered, the audience is left to decide what truly constitutes conversion – what truly constitutes change.

“The great Jazz musician Charles Mingus had a resounding conviction that all art is revolutionary,” said Director Lydia Fort. “Miss Nowhere Diner contributes to the revolution by giving our audience a mirror through which we see ourselves, and through which we can gain the courage to re-determine, to change, and to see hope where there was none.  What things and people do we put our faith in? Why do we take these risks when the ‘odds of winning’ are so slim? Why do we put our faith in others, but not in ourselves?’"

About the Company: Akadēmeia Theatre

Akadēmeia Theatre is named after and draws inspiration from Plato’s famous school of philosophy in ancient Greece.  This company is dedicated to combining formal and informal education through theatre.  We embrace diverse viewpoints and philosophies and believe that theatre is a format that allows direct connection through live interaction and therefore wonderful opportunities for pre- and post-show discussions about important artistic, cultural, and social themes and issues. 

Open:   06/13/13
Close:   06/23/13

Thursday, June 13 @ 4:30pm
Friday, June 14 @ 7:00pm
Thursday, June 20 @ 5:30pm
Friday, June 21 @ 5:00pm
Saturday, June 22 @ 8:30pm
Sunday, June 23 @ 1:30pm
Theater:   Robert Moss Theater @ 440 Studios
Address:   440 Lafayette Street, 3rd Floor
New York, NY 10009
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