Genre: Drama, Lesbian+Gay
The First Great History Play in English

Edward II, the first great history play in English, tells the story of the problematic reign and tragic death of Edward II, who reigned from 1307-1327. Edward was unable to control the rebellious English barons and was defeated miserably by the Scots in the Battle of Bannockburn. His reign was further complicated by his infatuation with two homosexual lovers--first Piers Gaveston, then Hugh Spencer (an ancestor of the late Princess of Wales). All of this makes for a a tremendously exciting play.
About the Company: American Theatre of Actors

The American Theatre of Actors was founded in 1976 by James Jennings, who continues as its President and Artistic Director. It is a repertory theatre company consisting of 50 actors, 20 playwrights and 10 directors. Its purpose is to promote the development of new playwrights, directors and actors and provide them a creative atmosphere in which to work without the pressures of commerical theatre. The plays are dramas and comedies dealing with the social and ethical problems of contemporary society. Over 800 new works have been presented and more than 8000 actors have worked at ATA, including Dennis Quaid, Bruce Willis, Danny Aiello, Dan Lauria, Chazz Palminteri, Kevin O'Connor, Kevin Spacey, William Fichtner and Edie Falco.

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