Genre: Drama
Written by Timothy Nolan, Directed by Greg Cicchino

Variations Theatre Group presents the latest play by award-winning writer Timothy Nolan (2003 Fringe Festival Excellence in Playwriting award for Acts of Contrition).

What’s In A Name is set in the back of a New York bar. A well-dressed woman, barely awake and laden with bags, stumbles in. Confronted by the past, the present, and the police, she sees for the first time the results of choices she made so many years ago and finds that the secrets that are hardest to keep are hardest to tell. Does she trash her present to rectify her past, or does she double-down on a life she can no longer lead but can’t escape from?

What’s In A Name’scast includes Maria Deasy (The Crucible, Roundabout Theatre), Lauren Roth (2011 New York Innovative Theatre Award nominee for Outstanding Supporting Actress), and Lenny Thomas.

About the Company: Variations Theatre Group


Variations Theatre Group, a nonprofit organization, is formed by a group of young stage professionals (all in their twenties) with the following goals and objectives:


1. To stage at least one play each season with a theme that is of interest and concern to the public (e.g. autism, post traumatic stress in veterans) and donate the profits from its production to appropriate charitable foundations.

2. To show plays of short duration at schools, hospitals, nursing homes and such other places, free of cost when the institution cannot afford it.    

3. To produce American theatrical classics, giving opportunities to young actors and directors.     

4. To stage theatrical works by relatively unknown contemporary American  playwrights.

5. To  hire and train a new generation of actors, playwrights and directors to familiarize themselves with the seminal works of modern theatre.

6. To recruit and train interns, giving preference to minority and disadvantaged applicants, by giving them stipends and hands-on work experience.

7. To have special theater festivals (or benefit events) to reflect our nation’s multicultural milieu, and to provide contemporary American playwrights the ability to showcase original work spanning gender and cultural diversity. 


Variations Theatre Group believes that contributing to the community is paramount and will focus on active and dynamic participation in this area, with a separate group headed by a director to perform outreach functions.  Furthermore, all the assets belonging to Variations Theatre Group will, upon its dissolution, be liquidated and the entire proceeds will be donated to the state, federal government or organized charities.

Open:   04/12/13
Close:   04/27/13

Wednesday through Saturday at 8:00 pm and Sunday at 2:00 pm
Theater:   Chain Theatre
Address:   21-28 45th Road
Long Island City, NY
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Subway: 7/E/M/G to Court Square/Ely

Buy Tickets Online or Call: Ovation Tickets at 866-811-4111
Company: Variations Theatre Group         Official Web Site: www.variationstheatregroup.com