Genre: Classical, Drama, Other
Written by David Todd & Directed by Luke Leonard

La MaMa E.T.C. in association with Monk Parrots presents the world premiere of

“(The intrepid) Monk Parrots and their work are, thankfully, here to stay.” – Theatre Reviews Limited

Hailed as “young artists revolutionaries” by New York Theatre Wire, Monk Parrots forthcoming world premiere, After An Earlier Incident (A Dyschronic Romeo & Juliet), builds upon the company’s brand of concept-driven performance works – Here I Go (2012) and Gay Rodeo By-Laws (2011).

Taking a cue from philosopher Jacques Derrida, After an Earlier Incident blends various Romeo & Juliet tellings (Mariotto and Gianozza, Pyramus and Thisbe, et al.) with hypnagogic music, choreography, text, and visual art to explore the concept of “hauntology”, i.e. the past inside the present. With contributions by playwright David Todd, director-designer Luke Leonard, associate director Joey LePage, co-designer Marie Yokoyama, costume designer Alison Heryer, sound designer Michael Howell, and, properties designer Allee Ilardi-Lowy, the piece searches for a way to move forward in order to become unstuck in history.

The cast includes Jessie Dean, April Evans, Morgan Hooper, Michael Howell and Joey LePage.  Mariah Ilardi-Lowy serves as the stage manager.

About the Company: Monk Parrots

Monk Parrots, Inc. is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit performing arts organization founded in New York City that encourages creative approaches to theatre-making and builds repertory performance works that cross artistic boundaries.  Every project is unique and benefits from a revolving ensemble of professional and amateur collaborators, yet each production shares the same core values that attempt the impossible and advance the art of theatre.

The company derives its name from Monk Parakeets, specifically the ones that have found their way into the Northeastern United States via overturned delivery trucks and other legends.  Unlike most exotic birds they can survive basically anywhere by working together and adjusting to unusual climates.  They symbolize intelligence, endurance, adaptation, and collaboration.

Inspired by other fine arts, such as, painting, installation, and sculpture, we aim to create work with a lasting impression that explores theatre and performance in a multidisciplinary way. Monk Parrots contributes to culture through presentations of time-based artworks and provides opportunities to artists.

Open:   03/08/13
Close:   03/17/13

Friday & Saturday at 10:00 pm
Sunday at 5:30 pm
Theater:   La Mama E.T.C.
Address:   74A E. 4th Street
New York, NY 10003
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