Genre: Comedy, Drama, Solo Performance
John Grady


John Grady's true tales of being picked on, chased down, and beat up, from his youth to adulthood. Will he ever stand and fight? Are bullies and the bullied destined to find each other? If so, who or what will save him? How will John finally escape the years of torment? 

Little Pussy chronicles the life of a man subjected to bullying since grade school. A hero’s journey, as we follow John from his first day of Jr. High School in California where he faces his very first bully. To Canada, when he is beat up on the streets of Toronto by a young punk. And finally in New York City, when an encounter with a street thug pushes John over the edge. 

Open:   02/20/13
Close:   03/02/13

Wed Feb 20th 7:35pm
Fri Feb 22nd 9:15pm
Sun Feb 24th 1:35pm
Th Feb 28th 10:45pm
Sat Mar 2nd 9:30pm
Theater:   Red Room Theater
Address:   85 East 4th Street
New York, NY 1003
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Take the 6 train to Astor Place and walk south down Bowery

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John Grady is an actor and a writer from New York City. He starred off Broadway in Spalding Gray: Stories Left To Tell and as a member of Blue Man Group.
John has performed on The Moth Mainstage and his stories have aired on The Moth Radio Hour on NPR, on DNTO for CBC Radio, and KCRW's The Business.
His multiple award-winning solo show, Fear Factor: Canine Edition, has played to sold out audiences across the US and Canada, and was chosen by the LAWeekly as one of the top theatrical productions of 2011.
...on the twitters: @thejohngrady