Genre: Classical, Comedy

It is an eery night in the cold New York winter. You step out of the cold and through the ramshackle door of our secret warehouse. As you ascend the stairs, thoughts of the city outside fade, replaced with a nagging sense of something inexplicable, mystical, nearly magical, and then you make your entrance.

Welcome to the grove of Titania's revelries.

Time has gotten lost in this transformed Brooklyn loft and mechanical oddities, trinkets and forgotten baubles are as en vogue as ipads. Fairies, woodland creatures, lovebirds, madmen, normal guys who get swept up in the action despite their best efforts to be coolyour world has been doused with King Oberon's love potion. Come and get immersed in this interactive Midsummer Nights Dream as actors spin wildly through the party, alternately speaking Shakespeare's text to each other and improvising conversation with the next guy. Over the course of two hours, lovers will fight and fall back in love, the fairy King and Queen will play out the fate of the world, dreamers' visions will come and go, and a bunch of "normal guys" will put on the best performance of their lives. Which are you?

Steal one of the lovers for a dance. Help lost Hermia find her way. Toast Puck with one of our special potions that even Oberon couldn't match! Be recruited by Quince and Bottom for your 15 minutes of fame. Bring tribute for incorporation into Queen Titania's ever-evolving art piece, and go on a wild goose chase with the pesky fairies as your guide. Costumes are definitely encouraged!

Shakespeare's A Midsummer Nights Dream has never been so alive.

What is it: Annie's Shakespeare Shakedown: A Midsummer Night's Dream is an immersive night of revels in Queen Titania's forest staged on the night the lovers lose their way. Come watch, act, dance, imbibe some of our magic potions and join in the revels! We perform the entirety of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream in an intimate party setting, and between Shakespeare's lofty words, the characters interact with the guests, soliciting advice, inciting mischief and sometimes even inviting them to play key roles in the show.

When is it: Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday from February 1st until March 9th. Doors open at 7pm.

Where is it: At a secret loft in Brooklyn. You'll get details after you purchase your ticket.

Attire: Themed Costumes encouraged but not required. Wear something that makes you feel Magical.

You're encouraged to bring items of tribute to the Queen and her fairies for her evolving art piece. Think of things a fairy would like: feathers, shiny baubles, earthy trinkets, something you made, something twisted...


Annie Arthur
Leah Barker
Lily Drexler
Travis Johnson
Michael Kaup
Tatiana Pavela
Sarah Raimondi
Christine Schisano
Alex Simmons
Thomas Wood
James "Face" Yu
Camilla Zhang

Directed by Annie Arthur

Costume creations by Camilla Zhang

Props by Raphael Mishler and Liz Lee


Open:   02/01/13
Close:   03/09/13

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02/01/13- 7:00:00
02/02/13- 7:00:00
02/07/13- 7:00:00
02/08/13- 7:00:00
02/09/13- 7:00:00
02/14/13- 7:00:00
02/15/13- 7:00:00
02/16/13- 7:00:00
02/21/13- 7:00:00
02/22/13- 7:00:00
02/23/13- 7:00:00
02/28/13- 7:00:00
03/01/13- 7:00:00
03/02/13- 7:00:00
03/07/13- 7:00:00
03/08/13- 7:00:00
03/09/13- 7:00:00

Theater:   A secret loft
Address:   near Atlantic Terminal
Brooklyn, NY 11217
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Cost:$15, $60
Buy Tickets Online or Call: Brown Paper Tickets at 1-800-838-3006