<i>With over 400 years of history, legend, and pop culture as its sources, Little Lord reconstructs the American myth of Pocahontas in their fifth full-length stage work, <b>Pocahontas, and/or America</b>. Taking up the mantle of the early 19th-century dramatists who invented the American theater, <b>Pocahontas, and/or America</b> recreates our country's origins through the lens of the immortal Indian princess, belle sauvage, Pocahontas. Using contemporary historical accounts, 19th-century melodramas, YMCA Indian guides, archaeological research, and more, Little Lord digs into disputed histories to find out if it's still even possible to make a patriotic piece of theater.</i>

<i>Pocahontas, and/or America</i> features Kaaron Briscoe*, Das Elkin, Joshua William Gelb, Stephanie Hsu (Life and Times), Polly Lee* (Marie Antoinette at Yale Rep/ART), Alan Tyson, Laura von Holt, and Enrico D. Wey* (War Horse, THEM at PS122/Abrons).

Pocahontas, and/or America is created by Little Lord; directed by Michael Levinton; written by Michael Levinton and Laura von Holt; set and costume design by Elizabeth Barrett Groth; lighting design by Natalie Robin; choreography by Randi Kleiner. Stage Managed by Kaitlin Nemeth, Assistant Stage Manager Richard Drake. Production Manager: Jeremy Pape. www.littlelordpocahontas.com


Open:   03/06/13
Close:   03/23/13

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03/23/13- 8:00:00
Theater:   The Bushwick Starr
Address:   207 Starr Steet
Brooklyn, NY 11237
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