Genre: Drama
Written by R. W. Weingartner, Directed by Mitchell Conway, Music/Sound by Luke Santy

Featuring: Bill Griffin, Lindsay Tanner, Nathanael Harting, William Tatlock Green, and Elizabeth Spano

On a family farm in Faith, South Dakota, the fields have been shorn of their fruits. Five unique narratives are inextricably linked by the land to a fate they do not fully comprehend. Curly leaves to fight in Afghanistan after September 11th; his cousin Priscilla loses her parents and one of her eyes in a car accident; Judd, a local farm boy, can't take his eyes off her; Curly's father, Bud, buries things in the cornfields; the ghost of a young Lakota girl, killed at Wounded Knee Creek, keeps a curse in the dirt. We discover the circumstances that have left both Bud and the farm empty shells of what they once were, the carnage that took place there over a century earlier, and the passionate bond shared by Curly and Priscilla.

The result is a story with the epic scope of a Greek tragedy - taboo familial love, a hero running off to war to escape his fate, and the lingering ramifications of a massacre visited upon future generations. Quietly personal language, with a spare kind of lyricism, is grounded in the characters' lives and their relationship to the land, synced with the chaotic dance of their inner struggles. It is a Rock & Roll Ghost Dance, shepherding the audience across centuries and continents to arrive at a new understanding of what it means to have roots, to come "from" somewhere - specifically, from South Dakota.

Preview:   01/30/13
Open:   01/31/13
Close:   02/09/13

January 30th at 2pm (Preview)
January 31st at 8pm (Opening)
February 1st at 8pm
February 2nd at 2:30pm & 8pm
February 3rd at 7pm
February 7th at 8pm
February 8th at 8pm
February 9th at 8pm
Theater:   The WorkShop Theater
Address:   312 West 36th Street, 4th Floor
New York, NY
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