The "We Are You Documentary" examines current Latino culture through the eyes of prominent U.S.-Hispanic visual artists and educators participating in the We Are You Project and/or its traveling art exhibition. Through interviews of various lengths, the subjects share their personal histories, their artistic visions and their sense of place in the American Experience. Not all are citizens; some were born here; others did not come of their own accord, but were children when their parents arrived as wilful immigrants or refugees. Yet, each one has made or found a home in the United States and achieved personal and professional success. The documentary points out that more than 90% of Latinos in the U.S. are here legally, and contribute on a daily basis to take their rightful place in the affairs of the nation.
Ragazine.CC recognizes We Are You Project as an important element in the ongoing multicultural traditions that began with the vision of America's founding fathers and continues to this day. We are pleased to co-host the event, which will help bring to light the many contributions of yet another ethnic wave to reach these shores.
The WAYP documentary is a Jinsing Production.


Open:   02/23/13
Close:   02/23/13

02/23/13- 4:00:00
Theater:   Maysles Cinema
Address:   343 Lenox Ave.
New York, NY 10027
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