Genre: Drama, Dance, Musical
Whitney V. Hunter in association with LIU/ Kumble Theater & Humanities Gallery present:

Performance and exhibition artist Whitney Hunter presents two evenings of contemporary performance with an all-male cast in conjunction with a visual art exhibition. Hunter will perform accompanied by Preach R. Sun, Da Travla, an original solo work inspired by the “Great Migration” of African Americans from the rural south to the urban north during the early to mid-1900s. In the work, Hunter employs the crafts of movement, story-telling, set and light design, and digital media technologies to explore contemporary folk tradition and mysticism.

The performance collective, Whitney Hunter[medium] will perform SITE. SITE is a work of action and process, and an exploration of initiation as a practice of self-discovery and kinship, set to an entrancing score of collected sounds from field recordings, Orisha music, contemporary blues and hip hop, and original text.

October 4 to November 3, 2012

SITE - An Exhibition is a curated group show of 10 invited NY-based African diasporic visual and time-based artists. The artists are charged with the mission of responding to the word site through their own unique artistic processes as Whitney Hunter and his collaborators did in creating the stage work SITE.

Participating artists: Ajamu Kojo Chioke Walker, Damali Abrams, Gabri Christa, Kantara Souffrant, Myronchristian Macauley, Numa Perrier, Nathaniel M. Quinn, Nyugen E. Smith, Rodney K. Hurley, and Val Inc.

Opening reception: Oct. 4 – 6PM to 9PM
Closing reception: Nov. 3 – following the performance

Open:   11/02/12
Close:   11/03/12

November 2 Friday - 7:30PM (w/Post Artist Talkback)
November 3 Saturday - 7:30PM
Theater:   Kumble Theater for the Performing Arts
Address:   1 University Plaza
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Cost:Tickets: $20, $15 – Students with ID
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