Genre: Drama, Solo Performance, Other
Based on Franz Xaver Kroetz, Conceived by Miriam Ibrahim

New York, NY – The Shades of Gray is proud to present the Word Premier of Miriam Ibrahim's Peace/Piece of Mine on November 16 – 19, 2012 at the West Park Presbyterian Church (165 West 86th Street).

Based on the one-act monodrama 'Request Concert' published by Franz Xaver Kroetz in 1973, 'Peace/Piece of Mine', conceived and performed by Miriam Ibrahim, is the portrayal of a spectacularly unspectacular suicide.

As always, the protagonist returns home after a day at work. She hangs up her coat neatly, prepares dinner, listens to a concert on the radio, takes a shower, and goes to sleep. It seems that she has all she needs in life – a job, an apartment, enough food, time to relax – but her soul is starving. Her spirit and body are yearning for human contact and a purpose in life. Yet nobody appears, nothing changes and she idles. Instead of acting upon her frustration, she is hiding behind a curtain of apathy, silence and discipline. Her existence is defined by a compulsive need to arrange the inanimate objects that seem to provide her solace in life. She can't break out of her rigid routine but she can't stay in it either. She is stuck in a net of working-life obligations and self-imposed order while depriving herself of the very essence that makes her human. She is not only verbally but also emotionally muted. Orbiting around the same routine day by day, she finally has an epiphany, and an overdose of sleeping pills seems to be the only way out of her prison.

'Peace/Piece of Mine' invites the audience to accompany this woman during the last few hours of her mundane life. A wordless story of isolation, loneliness, desolation and unfulfilled desires is told through the actress's physical enactment of the protagonist's internal struggle. Accompanied by David Salazar's and Carla Fabiani's original music and performed on a plain, unpretentious set, 'Peace/Piece of Mine' asks us to listen for the silent scream that all too often remains unheard.

The creative team includes David Salazar (Violin), Carla Fabiani (Viola), Nick Innacone (Set), Leonie Ettinger (Production Stage Manager), Nao Daboshi & Aria Pretzel (Video/ Photos), Gabriela Aragon (Production Assistant). 

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Peace/Piece of Mine runs Friday, November 16 – Monday, November 19 at 8PM. The West Park Presbyterian Church is located at 165 West 86th Street, New York, NY 10024. The performance takes place on the top floor. Tickets are $15 and available at

About the Company: The Shades of Gray

The Shades of Gray, founded by Miriam Ibrahim and Heidi Miller Smith in 2011, is a multi arts organization with the goal of exploring and honoring the "in between" of the common human experience. Using the tools of the expressive arts, The Shades of Gray aims at fostering understanding and acceptance of those who stand on the very edges of society.

Open:   11/16/12
Close:   11/19/12

Friday, November 16 – Monday, November 19 at 8PM
Theater:   West Park Church
Address:   165 West 86th Street
, NY
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