Genre: Drama
Written by Bill Donnelly, Directed by Vincent J. Balzano

 "The Tenant" by Bill Donnelly is a play in which a working-class midtown couple take a Korean immigrant woman into their hearts.  Depending on how you see it, it becomes the tragedy of a lonely woman's unsuccessful act of kindness or the perilous seduction of an innocent couple by her mystic approach to love, life and healing.  It's a bittersweet everyday story of love and destiny with a "Twilight Zone" touch.  Theater for the New City will present the play November 15 to December 2, directed by Vincent J. Balzano.

Sam and Babe are the loving, hard working superintendents of a midtown apartment building, into which moves a waifish young Korean woman named Lucky Star.  She is deeply Catholic; she is also a numerologist and a healer.  She was raised by nuns in Korea and was imprisoned for fighting off her abusive husband with a knife.  She inspires pity and support in the American couple, who offer small favors to make her apartment more liveable and to help her start over in New York.

Lucky Star is in an odd state of grace, which Babe hopes to gain from and which Sam finds mysteriously alluring.  She worked in a "Barber Shop" (a front for a house of prostitution) in her past, but now in New York, she struggles to redeem herself with the purity of the Virgin Mother.  When Babe falls tragically ill, she seeks healing through Lucky Star's herbal potions and massages.  When Sam loses Babe, he seeks to replace the loss of his wife with the Korean newcomer; she wants to soothe his loneliness but not give him sex.  Love, sex and compassion are forces of Nature, but they are out of kilter, as ferociously narrated by Romeo, the pet parrot of Babe and Sam, who is played by a fourth actor.  Perceiving the events of the play from his roost in the kitchen, Romeo's dramatic role is that of an amusing, wise Greek Chorus.  He represents Nature in a play that artfully balances between the paranormal and the simply disturbing events of everyday life.

Open:   11/15/12
Close:   12/02/12

Thursdays through Saturdays at 8:00 PM; Sundays at 3:00 PM

*Critics invited on or after Nov. 16*

Theater:   Theatre for a New City
Address:   155 1st Avenue
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