Genre: Drama, Other
David Levine

The Real World meets No Exit: audiences circulate around the exterior of a fully functional house, watching the ever-changing action through the windows, and coming and going as they please.

Habit is a durational installation created by provocateur David Levine (previously at PS122: Anger at the Movies, Venice Saved), with a commissioned text by playwright Jason Grote (NBC's Smash) and environment by Marsha Ginsberg. All day long, within the four walls, actors re-complete the drama, on an endless loop, making up staging to suit their needs. When they're hungry, they eat; when they're dirty, they wash.

Open:   09/21/12
Close:   09/30/12

1:00PM - 9:00PM
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Cost:FREE or Call: at
Company: Performance Space 122         Official Web Site: http://www.ps122.org/