Genre: Drama
UglyRhino Productions

This Halloween, UglyRhino turns The Brooklyn Lyceum into a brand new spooky, boozy warehouse of tragedies and terrors. Following the success of Halloween 2011′s Warehouse of Horrors, UglyRhino will return with six brand new stories and curated cocktails. With a similar format as the sold-out run of March’s Centralia, the UglyRhino creative team has developed a new interactive warehouse experience, based on the true events from in and around the Brooklyn Lyceum, which will expand to include a haunted house element.

Warehouse of Horrors: Gowanus '73 explores the seedy underbelly of 1970’s Brooklyn. After a string of mysterious and grotesque murders at an underground rave party, a complex web of mafia relations, crooked cops, and dangerous drug dealers is revealed. A peek into the twisted and true history of the area, the show combines non-traditional storytelling with a social atmosphere, enveloping audiences deep into the world of the play as they encounter characters, hear their stories and sip on cocktails.  Each audience member of Warehouse of Horrors: Gowanus '73 will have a distinctly unique experience as they travel around the warehouse and try to ensure they are not the next one to go. 

About the Company: UglyRhino Productions

UglyRhino is a new way to experience theater. Expanding on our high quality productions, we integrate dynamic arts programming ranging from emerging musicians to warehouse parties. UglyRhino curates affordable evenings with a social atmosphere that capture the inimitable spirit of Brooklyn.

Open:   10/11/12
Close:   11/02/12

Wednesday through Saturday at 8pm
Theater:   Brooklyn Lyceum
Address:   227 4th Avenue
New York,
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Cost:$20 or Call: at
Company: UglyRhino Productions         Official Web Site: www.uglyrhinonyc.com