Genre: Classical, Drama
Written by Christopher Marlowe & Re-imagined and Directed by Andrew Valentine

Published in 1604, but written a decade earlier by famed and provocative playwright Christopher Marlowe, "The Tragicall History of the Life and Death of Doctor Faustus" is known as one of the most controversial works of theater of all time. Over 4 hundred years later, Kipuka Theater strives to once again bring this theatrical piece to the artistic community with a completely new experimental twist. Taking inspiration from six of the world’s most innovative theatrical alchemists, FaustX creates a ritual to not only take the audience on a mind-bending journey through the life and death of Dr. Faustus, but lead the actors and creators down a dark, cruel and ever-changing path.

It began with an experiment. Who would join? What would they do? Why would they come? For the last four months, Kipuka Theater has incubated this work by collaborating with fellow artists, reinterpreting this classic tale, and theory-crafting while utilizing selected historic theatrical experimenters to renew the tune of old controversy. All shows and preparation will be live-streamed for FREE to the online public. The live-stream will begin at 5:45pm, approximately 2 ¼ hours before curtain. For more information, visit www.FaustX.com where you will find in-depth forum discussions, videos of all rehearsals, audition information, and details about the cast and creative team.

About the Company: Kipuka Theater

In 2005, four graduating artists and friends from the University of Hawaii at Manoa came together to form Kipuka Theater. Since then, our members have gone on to continue their studies and the creation of theater art in both Hawaii and in

New York. Focusing on art that is mindful of its environmental and cultural impact, we aim to push many of the boundaries that have been set by the theater community. KipukaTheater.com was officially created in January 2012 as a way of archiving and strengthening the work of original members and inspiring new artists to join our creative forum.
Kipuka Theater is the source for new beginnings and we are a company of artists dedicated to the alchemy of art through the sharing of ideas and skills that contribute to our work. We are a not-only-for-profit “community's theater” that aims to showcase an art form that is designed by inspiration, innovation and artist support, and all for the purpose of igniting public ideas and movements through our progressive theatrical forum.

Cast: James Santos, Dean Linnard, Lani Yamanaka, Michael-Ray Carter, Caitlin Michener, Tuandat-Michael Nghiem, Luca Nicora, Heloise Wilson
Open:   09/28/12
Close:   10/06/12

September 28th & 29th, October 5th & 6th, 2012 at 8:00pm
Theater:   University of the Streets
Address:   130 East 7th Street
New York, NY 10009
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Approximately 5~6 blocks from 8th Street - NYU (N & R), Astor Place (6), 2nd Avenue (F) and 1st Avenue (L)

Cost:$20 online or $25 (cash only) at the door.
Buy Tickets Online or Call: Kipuka Theater at 808-854-6191
Company: Kipuka Theater         Official Web Site: www.kipukatheatre.com

KAITLYN HUCZKO is an actor from Brooklyn and a graduate of Muhlenberg College. New York credits include: Julius Caesar (Secret Theatre), A Rule of Nines (Bleecker Street Theatre), Life is a Dream (Prospect Park Music Pagoda), and Dismissing Robert Fink (Manhattan Rep). Kaitlyn is also a member of the Festival of Fools, a company that focuses on bringing contemporary and classical verse plays to modern audiences. She also tutors in and around New York City.  www.kaitlynhuczko.com

Lauren Friedlander has recently appeared regionally in Oleanna (Carol),Macbeth (Lady Macbeth), Equus (Dora Strang), The Plaque (M. Tarrou), Extra! Extra! Murder All About It! (Imogene Ivory), The Chairs (Orator), Aunt Dan and Lemon (Aunt Dan), andDeath of a Salesman (Letta/Jenny).  Film credits include: Lindsey in His Place, and Jan in The Courage Consort.  Training includes master classes at the British American Drama Academy, Suzuki and Viewpoints with Barney O’Hanlon of the SITI Company.  She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre from Oberlin College.