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In 525 AD, a Buddhist monk named Bodhi-dharma founded the Shaolin Monastery in what would later become the Henan Province of China.  This elite group of monks soon became world-renowned for their unique combination of disciplined spiritualism and deadly martial arts prowess. Practitioners of the Shaolin philosophy seek to live a balanced life, with a strong and flexible mind housed in a strong and flexible body. Combining elements from Buddhism and Taoism, Shaolin Kung Fu originated from exercises that were developed 1,500 years ago to train monks to withstand long hours of sitting meditation.  It has since evolved into a fluid martial art that is fast, evasive, strong, and efficient while being non-confrontational, focusing not on aggression but self-defense.

In this fully choreographed theatrical production, the Kung Fu Masters of The Shaolin Warriors present a portrayal of a typical day in their lives, including the serenity of morning meditation and chants, daily exercises that strengthen both the body and mind, and dazzling synchronized fighting rituals that employ an array of traditional Shaolin weaponry. These highly skilled monks train from a very young age in mental and physical disciplines, allowing them to perform feats one thought only possible in the movies. The production features many forms of Shaolin Kung Fu as well as a look at the daily life of the warriors and their Zen philosophy.

Open:   11/25/12
Close:   11/25/12

Sunday, November 25, 2012 at 3pm
Theater:   Brooklyn Center for the Performing Arts
Address:   Whitman Theater, 2900 Campus Road
Brooklyn, Ne 11210
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Cost:Tickets are $30 for adults and $15 for children (ages 12 and under).
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